5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Hiring a Cleaning Company

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Hiring a Cleaning Company

Whether you own a home or business, you’d know the significance of solid cleaning practices. Creating a clean environment is essential to ensuring the residents’ or visitors’ health and safety. A well-maintained space can also improve productivity and create a positive image for visitors and customers. 

While you could handle these tasks alone, hiring a professional cleaning company can help you be more efficient. However, you can only get these advantages if you hire the right one. You wouldn’t want them to create even more messes in your room. 

If you want to create a professional image and a healthy living or working space for everyone, this article will enumerate common mistakes to avoid when hiring a cleaning company. 

1. Not Finding a Local Cleaning Company

When choosing a cleaning service, many people may not consider their location, thinking it’s unnecessary. Unfortunately, that’s a costly mistake that can cause a lot of frustration, wasted resources, and even a less-than-clean environment. 

Choosing a local company can be beneficial if the person in charge is absent because they’re sick or on vacation. They can quickly send a replacement, especially during COVID when a cleaner can suddenly test positive. They’ll also have the resources or knowledge to handle unexpected cleaning needs, like damage from renovations, floods, or spills that need specialized equipment. 

2. Automatically Choosing the Cheapest Quote

Everybody wants to save money when cleaning their space. However, choosing the cheapest service may not always be the best option. Remember that a low-cost service may compromise the service’s quality or the staff’s experience. And that doesn’t mean you should select the most expensive option because the high cost may be due to the unnecessary additional services. 

When hiring a cleaning company, consider your budget and their abilities. You should also get quotes from several businesses, observe their professionalism and communication skills, and select a candidate willing to work with you to resolve any issues. Additionally, always balance cost and quality. 

3. Not Asking for a Cost Breakdown

While getting an online quote may be convenient, it may not always be ideal. For this reason, it’s best to ask for an in-person consultation and estimate when choosing a professional cleaning company. Meeting a company representative can help you better understand their services and flexibility. It will ensure you receive what you need without surprises in your contact. 

Ensure to ask how the business monitors its workers, covers absences, and handles price increases related to the living wage, mainly because these increases currently impact the cleaning industry. 

4. Not Conducting Security Checks

You hired a cleaning company to clean your home or business, and you wouldn’t want to hear that a worker stole your valuables. For this reason, you should ensure the staff on your site have undergone thorough background checks, with references and ID documentation as a minimum requirement. 

Ideally, the company should have trained the deployed staff for consistency and safety, especially if your site has high-value products or sensitive information. Your prospective business should also be transparent about its operating procedures, and checking the testimonials or reviews can help you determine its performance and reputation. 

5. Hiring a Cleaning Company Who Doesn’t Share Their Values

When choosing a cleaning service, you must ensure they have appropriate policies and procedures. They must also have insurance for the public and their workers. Moreover, they should be familiar with health and safety regulations, especially when handling hazardous materials. 

A reputable company will display its accreditation and qualifications on its website to show its commitment to public safety. 


A cleaning company can help you be more efficient and maintain a healthy space, but you can only enjoy these benefits if you hire the right one. You can find the best service for your needs by conducting background checks and comparing multiple quotes. 

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