Standard Cleaning Services in North Tampa

A standard cleaning service typically is a professional cleaning service that provides routine or maintenance cleaning tasks for residential or commercial properties. The exact scope of the service may vary depending on the specific cleaning company and the needs of the customer. This is also the most common and often most popular service requested by most clients


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Routine or maintenance cleaning services

A routine cleaning service typically focuses on maintaining cleanliness and hygiene on a regular basis. It may not include deep cleaning tasks like cabinet cleaning, detailing tasks like wiping baseboards and blinds or wiping interior windows, which may require additional services or be offered as separate services by the cleaning company.

It tipically includes tasks like:

Wipe clean sink, counter tops, cabinet faces, stove top, appliance exteriors.
Take out trash.
Dust Baseboards, window sills, doors and blinds
Mop and Vacuum Floors.
Cleaning toilets, showers and tubs.
General dusting of shelving, nightstands, bed frames, tables, etc.

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