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Suds N Mops Cleaning Service is your trusted partner for keeping homes around East Lake, Fl, in pristine condition. Our experienced and professional house cleaners are dedicated to providing cleaning services that meet your needs and go above and beyond what you expect. We know that your time is valuable and that you should be able to spend it doing the things you love. We provide a wide range of cleaning services to help you reach your goal.

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Discover East Lake

East Lake, Florida, is a picturesque community located in Pinellas County. It is a place of great scenic beauty, suburban charm, and proximity to nature preserves, East Lake offers its residents a tranquil and family-friendly living environment.

Not too long ago this area used to be rural and underdeveloped. Nowadays, East Lake is known for its well-planned neighborhoods, lush landscapes, and a close-knit community spirit.

Personalized Services

Suds N Mops Cleaning Service offers Standard, Deep move-in, move-out and recurring maid services. Our professional house cleaners use regular and eco-friendly cleaning products and top-of-the-line equipment to keep your home clean, healthy, and safe. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. We are please to serve the East Lake area.

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Residential Cleaning

Enjoy the perks of a housekeeping service without having to hire one full-time. This is the perfect option for busy families and professionals. Use your time doing what you value the most and let us assist you keeping your home shiny and fresh

Deep Cleaning

This is an upgrade to your Standard cleaning service based on the condition of your house. You can request this if your house has been vacant or hasn’t received a cleaning service for weeks or months. This service is similar to the Move-in/out option without the cabinets, oven and fridge

Move in and Move-out

Get your listing ready for your new buyer or tenant. This services goes from top to bottom including cleaning inside cabinets, oven, fridge, windows, blinds and baseboards

Office Cleaning

Spend your time where it matters. We are a boutique service provider with small businesses in mind. We can help you keep your precious workspace fresh and ready for you and your customers

Things to do and see in East Lake, Fl

East Lake, Florida, provides a harmonious blend of natural beauty, suburban living, and recreational opportunities. Whether you’re exploring the parks, immersing yourself in outdoor activities, or enjoying the local amenities, East Lake offers a serene and enjoyable living experience.

When it comes to things to do and see in East Lake, here are some great attractions and activities:

  1. Brooker Creek Preserve: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Brooker Creek Preserve, a vast conservation area that covers over 8,700 acres. With its diverse ecosystems, the preserve is perfect for hiking, birdwatching, wildlife spotting, and nature photography.
  2. East Lake Community Library: Visit the East Lake Community Library, a welcoming facility that offers a wide selection of books, educational programs, and resources for all ages. Attend events, explore the shelves, or find a cozy spot to read and relax.
  3. Parks and Playgrounds: Explore the numerous parks and playgrounds scattered throughout East Lake. These recreational spaces offer opportunities for children to play, families to picnic, and residents to enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Local Events and Festivals: Engage in the community spirit by attending local events and festivals in East Lake. From seasonal celebrations to art shows and cultural gatherings, these events offer a chance to connect with neighbors and experience the vibrant community atmosphere.

Maid Services in East Lake

It’s important to know what the price range is for cleaning and maid services. Depending on the size of the home and difficulty of the job, one-time deep cleaning services usually cost between $180 and $500. This option is perfect for special occasions or when you want to give your space a thorough deep clean.

The average cost for most standard home cleaning services is between $120 and $250 per visit, but there can be differences depending on the frequency of visits and how many hours are booked at once.

Whether you want a one-time deep cleaning or regular maintenance house cleaning or office cleaning service, our team of highly trained professionals is committed to giving you the best results.

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